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    • 1940 appliance show at Armory

    • Appliances; Stoves; Refrigerators; Vacuum cleaners; Signs (Notices); Electric signs; Merchandise displays; Exhibitions; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows kitchen appliances on display at a home show at the Armory. Vacuum cleaners are on the left, stoves and refrigerators in the center and washing machines on the far right. A table, chair and a small movie projector with a built-in...
    • 1956 Silver Streaks basketball team

    • Thiel, John; Kimbrough, Elbert; Williams, Al; Douglas, Bob; Briggs, Bill; Graham, Keith; Kimbrough, Albert; Young, Ray; Lind, Russ; Graning, Bill; Odell, Jerry; Junkin, Bob; Owens, Mike; Galesburg High School (Galesburg, Ill.); Steele Gymnasium...
    • Photograph shows 13 Galesburg High School basketball players and basketball coach John Thiel. Players from left to right bottom row: Albert Kimbrough, Ray Young, Russ Lind, Bill Graning, Jerry Odell, Bob Junkin, and Mike Owens. Top row: (Coach John...
    • [1924 Board of Education]

    • Galesburg (Ill.). Board of Education; Conference rooms; School boards; Meetings; Bookcases; Tables; Men; Women; Suits (Clothing); Clothing & dress; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints; Mureen, Elof
    • Photograph shows eight men and two women seated around a large table in swivel chairs. All of the men are in suit and tie and the ladies in dark dresses. There are four glass enclosed bookcases behind them. The board meetings took place at the...
    • [A girl and a woman at Lake George]

    • Lake George (Galesburg, Ill.); Lakes & ponds; Women; Girls; Skirts; Dresses; Hats; Clothing & dress; Trees; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows a young woman sitting on a tree stump and an older woman standing on the shore of Lake George. The young woman on the left is wearing a plaid skirt and a dark-colored puffed sleeve blouse or shirtwaist. She has a bow in her hair...
    • [Alexander King & Company interior]

    • Alexander King & Company (Galesburg, Ill.); Stone cutting; Factories; Galesburg (Ill.); Halftone photomechanical prints
    • Image shows an interior view of the Alexander King & Company cutstone factory. Many large blocks of unpolished stone can be seen. Numbers are written on th stones on the far left. Skylights in the ceiling and a block and tackle are visible in the...
    • [Bateman School front view]

    • Bateman School (Galesburg, Ill.); Schools; Architectural elements; Carts & wagons; Dormers; Construction; Horses; Boys; Trees; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows the front of Bateman School. There are three young boys standing on the top of the stairway into the school and two workmen on the right. There is a horse and wagon tied to a hiching post in the center and two trees on the left.
    • [Berggren Grocer and Brooks & Ostrander]

    • Brooks & Ostrander Hides & Wool (Galesburg, Ill.); Berggren Grocer (Galesburg, Ill.); Carts & wagons; Grocers; Bakeries; Hitching posts; Men; Women; Barrels; Windows; Clothing & dress; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints; Horses
    • Photograph shows the Berggren Grocers and Brooks and Ostrander Hides and Wool. There are three people in the photograph as well as a horse hitched to a wagon and there is a dog lying in front of Berggren's. There are signs in the image which state...
    • [Bondi Building under construction]

    • Bondi Building (Galesburg, Ill.); Klines Department Store (Galesburg, Ill.); Construction; Construction equipment; Construction industry; Progress photographs; Construction workers; Scaffolding; Building construction; Building materials; Buildings;...
    • Photograph shows the seven-story Bondi Building under construction. Five men are on the two highest floors. A sixth man, barely visible, is laying on the top floor reaching down to something on the side of the building. Wooden and metal scaffolding...
    • [Boy and girl at flower parade]

    • Parades & processions; Costumes; Clothing & dress; Boys; Girls; Children; Dolls; Dresses; Flowers; Young Men's Christian associations; Knox College (Galesburg, Ill.); Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows a boy and girl in costume for a flower parade. The boy is wearing a costume that appears to be remeniscent of men's clothing from the 1700s, a wig and a shawl of flowers. The little girl is wearing a short light-colored dress with...
    • [Butler Manufacturing men working]

    • Butler Manufacturing Company (Galesburg, Ill.); Factories; Metalwork; Metalworking; Steel; Steel industry; Employees; Industry; Industrial facilities; Men; Clothing & dress; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows two men working at a large machine that bends metal sheets using to make grain bins. The process is called "bumping." A power switch is on the machine's left side and a cart is behind them. A third man is partially visible at left.
    • [C. G. Hansen Livery]

    • C. G. Hansen Livery (Galesburg, Ill.); Stables; Horses; Horse teams; Carts & wagons; Brick roads; Men; Buildings; Arches; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows C. G. Hansen sitting in a surrey in front of his livery stable. There are two black horses harnessed to the surrey and there is fringe hanging down from the passenger cover. There are six other men standing in front of the...
    • [Carl Sandburg, Esther Sandburg & Marie S. Swanson at Hotel Custer]

    • Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967; Hotel Custer (Galesburg, Ill.); Hotels; Coffeepots; Books; Shelving; Men; Women; Clothing & dress; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows Carl Sandburg sitting with his younger sister, Esther Sandburg, and Marie S. Swanson on a couch in the Sandburg Suite at the Hotel Custer. Food, cups and saucers and coffee service on a warming tray sits on a table in front of...
    • [Corpus Christi and Saint Joseph's graduation]

    • Corpus Christi Lyceum (Galesburg, Ill.); St. Joseph's Academy (Galesburg, Ill.); Graduation ceremonies; Stages (Platforms); Draperies; Musicians; Music stands; Musical instruments; Music ensembles; Chairs; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows the 1935 graduating classes from Corpus Christi and Saint Joseph's High Schools standing and sitting on a stage at Corpus Christi High School. There are twenty women in white robes and mortar boards and 19 men in black. The women...
    • [Daily Register-Mail Newspaper printing press room]

    • Daily Register-Mail Newspaper (Galesburg, Ill.); Newspaper industry; Newspapers; Printing; Printers; Printing presses; Machinery; Employees; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows two men working with a large newspaper printing press machine at the Daily Register-Mail Newspaper. Newspapers are moving through the press. Two men working near the press and the man on the right appears to be stacking newspapers....
    • [Dedication of the S.S. Galesburg]

    • S.S. Galesburg (ship); Bartlett, Winfield; Miller, Harry; Beadle, Alice; Shafer, Walter; Sinclair, Bob; Ships; Piers & wharves; Launchings; Military officers; Military personnel; Military uniforms; Bouquets; Hats; Clothing & dress; Men; Women; New...
    • Photograph shows seven men, four of whom are in military uniform and one woman, Miss Alice Beadle standing on a wooden pier in New York harbor either before or after the christening of the ship the S.S. Galesburg. Miss Beadle is holding a bouquet...
    • [Dependable Truck & Tractor Company stockholders meeting]

    • Dependable Truck & Tractor Company (Galesburg, Ill.); Trucks; Factories; Men; Boys; Clothing & dress; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows a large group of men and one boy standing on and near a truck outside of the Dependable Truck & Tractor Company. The hood is off the truck, exposing the engine. Another truck that looks partially assembled is on the left. The three...
    • [East side of Lake Storey]

    • Lake Storey (Galesburg, Ill.); Lincoln Park (Galesburg, Ill.); Roads; Lakes; Parks; Water; Landscape photographs; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows the east end of Lake Storey which is connected to Lincoln Park on the right. The view was taken pointing north on Route 80. There is a small building in the far distance in the middle of the photo which is believed to be Harbor...
    • [First Galesburg National Bank & Trust Co. employees wearing costumes]

    • First Galesburg National Bank & Trust Co. (Galesburg, Ill.); Those were the days (Motion Picture); Bankers; Banking; Banks; Banking industry; Costumes; Clothing & dress; Dresses; Suits (Clothing); Hats; Men; Women; Motion pictures; Galesburg...
    • Photograph shows employees of the First Galesburg National Bank dressed in costumes for the celebration of the premiere of the movie "Those Were the Days" which was partially filmed in Galesburg. There are 13 women in long dresses and some of whom...
    • [Gale Products assembly line]

    • Gale Products (Galesburg, Ill.); Assembly-line methods; Factories; Outboard Marine Corporation; Industry; Employees; Industrial facilities; Industrial productivity; Boat engines; Women; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows Gale Product employees working on an assembly line. There are partially completed outboard motors hanging from a line near the ceiling. There is a conveyer belt on the far right. Most of the visible employees are women.
    • [Gale Products, Department 33]

    • Gale Products (Galesburg, Ill.); Outboard Marine Corporation; Factories; Industry; Assembly-line methods; Industrial productivity; Mechanical works; Women; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints;
    • Photograph shows an interior view of Department 33 of the Gale Products factory. Employees can be seen standing among tables and carts with parts in them assembling products. There is a large sign on the far left which reads "Authorized Personnel...


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