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    • Traveling street fair, Galesburg, 1901

    • Public Square (Galesburg, Ill.); Fairs; Ferris wheels; African Americans; Men; Women; Children; Crowds; Clothing & dress; Buildings; Tents; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows a street fair with a large crowd in attendance. It is taking place on the Public Square in Galesburg, Ill. There is a tent to the right that has the words "McKinley's Funeral" printed on it and what appears to be a poster with his...
    • R. J. Robert's Livery

    • R. J. Robert's Livery (Galesburg, Ill.); Stables; Barns; Carts & wagons; Buildings; Men; Boys; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographs
    • Photograph of R. J. Robert's Livery located in Galesburg, Illinois. Photograph shows a large brick barn with an arched entryway. There are four men in the doorway, one is on a wagon and the other is holding the reigns of a horse, two are standing....
    • Indoor miniature golf course

    • Miniature golf; Golf; Buildings; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph of an indoor miniature golf course located in Galesburg, Illinois. Photograph shows a glass and metal frame building. Sandtraps, berms, and pathways can be seen and the floor around seems to be covered in carpeting. There are many...
    • Lake Storey dam under construction

    • Lake Storey (Galesburg, Ill.); Lake Storey Dam (Galesburg, Ill.); Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company; Dams; Steam shovels; Railroad companies; Railroad construction & maintenance; Railroad cars; Railroad construction workers; Galesburg...
    • Photograph of the construction of the Lake Storey dam north of Galesburg, Illinois. The lake and dam were constructed to provide water for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company steam engines. Photograph shows an A.T. & S.F. steam shovel...
    • St. Joseph's Academy

    • St. Joseph's Academy (Galesburg, Ill.); Religious education; Schools; Buildings; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph of St. Joseph's Academy in Galesburg, Illinois. Photograph shows a large brick and stone building standing on a small hill with what appears to be concrete steps leading up to the buiding. In the upper and center portion of the building...
    • Raymer and Brothers Carriage Factory

    • Raymer and Brothers Carriage Company (Galesburg, Ill.); Carriages & coaches; Factories; Buildings; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows the Raymer and Brother's Carriage Factory on South Prairie Street in Galesburg, Illinois. There are two large wooden buildings in the photograph, one with a what appears to be a balcony with three boys standing on it in the center...
    • Seminary Street

    • Sargent Radios & Refrigeration (Galesburg, Ill.); Joe the Tailor & Cleaners (Galesburg, Ill.); Nick the Shoe Doctor (Galesburg, Ill.); Hollywood Grill (Galesburg, Ill.); Chet's Tavern (Galesburg, Ill.); Helen and Meads Cafe (Galsburg, Ill.); Yellow...
    • Photograph shows the east side of South Seminary Street in Galesburg, Illinois. Taxi cabs line the entire length of the street, all parked diagonally. Many of the store front business signs are readable, such as, Sargent Radios & Refrigeration, Joe...
    • Old Ladies Home, Knoxville, Illinois

    • Old Ladies Home (Knoxville, Ill.); Retirement communities; Rest homes; Construction; Buildings; Knoxville (Ill.); Photographic postcards; Postcards
    • Postcard shows the Old Ladies Home in Knoxville, Illinois under construction. It is a brick building with several columns, a long front porch, two balconies, a portico and two dormers on the roof in the front view. On the left there are more...
    • President McKinley's Special Engine No. 1512

    • McKinley, William, 1843-1901; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company; Galesburg Artificial Ice Company (Ill.); Railroad companies; Railroad cars; Railroad stations (Galesburg, Ill.); Railroad facilities; Railroad locomotives; Railroad...
    • Photograph shows the train that President McKinley used to travel to Galesburg where it stopped at the C. B. & Q. depot. It is covered with bunting and flags as well as two photos on the front of the train, at least one of which is McKinley. There...
    • Huddle Drive In Restaurant

    • Huddle Drive In Restaurant (Galesburg, Ill.); Restaurants; Drive-in restaurants; Canopies; Automobiles; Electric lighting; Streets; Buildings; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows The Huddle Drive In Restaurant in Galesburg, Illinois. It is a one story building with a large lighted sign in the middle of the photograph. There is a canopy on the back of the building for dining in your car. This photograph was...
    • Alter Brothers Wagon and Carriage Shop

    • Alters Brothers; Carriages & coaches; Wagon sheds; Men; Horses; Clothing & dress; Buildings; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows six buggies, one a surrey with fringe on the right and a wagon full of lumber being pulled by one horse. There are three men in the photograph. There are two large buildings with signs stating, "We can save you money on buggies" on...
    • Two man Japanese submarine

    • Submarines; G. R. Kinney Co. (Galesburg, Ill.); Jewel Shop (Galesburg, Ill.); Bell's Cotton Shop (Galesburg, Ill.); Montgomery Ward (Galesburg, Ill.); Nifty Hats (Galesburg, Ill.); Pittsburgh Paints (Galesburg, Ill.); Cut Rate Liquors (Galesburg,...
    • Photograph shows a submarine on a truck on East Main Street in Galesburg, Illinois. There is a large crowd gathered around the submarine on the street and sidewalks. There is a ladder leading up to the vessel and there are some men on the landing....
    • [President McKinley visit parade]

    • McKinley, William, 1843-1901; Seacord, Louise; Kornwebel Department Store (Galesburg, Ill.); Parades & processions; Horses; Horseback riding; Buildings; Crowds; Men; Women; Children; Clothing & dress; Flags; Arches; Awnings; Streets; Galesburg...
    • Photograph shows a large crowd standing on either side of Main Street and also looking out of windows in Galesburg, Illinois. They are watching a parade of individuals riding horses decorated with flowers and ribbons in celebration of the visit of...
    • Galesburg High School class of 1900

    • Galesburg High School (Galesburg, Ill.); Students; Schools; Arches; Clothing & dress; Boys; Girls; African Americans; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows the Galesburg High School students of the class of 1900 standing and sitting under the school entrance archway. Six of the boys have double zeroes on the soles of their shoes and two girls are holding double zero signs. There is...
    • Kiddieland tilt-a-whirl

    • Galesburg Amusement Park (Galesburg, Ill.); Amusement parks; Amusement rides; Merry-go-rounds; Ferris wheels; Men; Women; Children; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph shows the front area of the Galesburg Amusement Park, better known as Kiddieland. The Tilt-a-whirl ride is in the center of the photograph. The Merry-go-round is on the left and the Ferris wheel can be seen in the center background as...
    • Illinois Power and Light

    • Illinois Power & Light Corporation (Galesburg, Ill.); J. & R. Wholsesale Grocer (Galesburg, Ill.); Brown's Corn Planter Works (Galesburg, Ill.); Public utility companies; Factories; Electric lighting; Street lights; Automobiles; Awnings; Road,...
    • Photograph shows the Illinois Power and Light Company building. It is three stories tall and there is a sign with the company's name on it on the left side corner of the building with light bulbs outlining the entire sign. There are awnings on the...
    • East side of Lincoln Park

    • Lincoln Park (Galesburg, Ill.); Parks; Lakes & ponds; Water lilies; Benches; Men; Trees; Flowers; Rocks; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints;
    • Photograph shows the east side of Lincoln Park in Galesburg, Illinois. Visible in the photograph is a man made pond which may be a fish pond. There is a large flat rock in the center of it with some plants around it. Among the other items in the...
    • Power House and Gas Works

    • Galesburg Railway, Lighting and Power Company (Galesburg, Ill.); Power industry; Power plants; Public utility companies; Smokestacks; Railroad cars; Fences; Railroad tracks; Lumber; Buildings; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints;
    • Photograph shows the Galesburg Railway and Light Company gas works building. It is a large brick building with seven chimneys and a large smokestack in the rear. There are two coal cars on railroad siding tracks and there is a man standing in one...
    • C. B. & Q. Depot

    • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company; Railroad stations (Galesburg, Ill.); Railroad cars; Railroad cabooses; Railroad companies; Railroad crossings; Railroad facilities; Railroad freight cars; Railroad locomotives; Railroad mail service;...
    • Photograph shows the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Depot in Galesburg, Illinois. The photograph shows the rear of the large brick building with a cupola in the center. There is a steam engine pulling several cars and wagons visible next to...
    • American Beauty Restaurant

    • American Beauty Restaurant (Galesburg, Ill.); Restaurants; Restaurant workers; Waitresses; Seating furniture; Clothing & dress; Women; Galesburg (Ill.); Photographic prints
    • Photograph of the American Beauty Restaurant located in Galesburg, Illinois. The cash register, candy counter and two booths are visible. There are three waitresses and another female employee behind the counter. This photograph was taken in...


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